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Sales In Sync
Sales Lead Management

What it Is

Your SalesInSync application is an on-line, easy to use repository for all of your sales opportunity and activity data. In real time, in a team environment, sales managers and salespeople track activity as suspects and prospects move through the sales cycle. Everyone is accessing the same centrally managed database, which forms the basis for point-and-click reporting of activity, collaboration, forecasting, and marketing analysis. SalesInSync can even be used as a workflow application to ensure that the ball is not dropped on complex projects.

Your application is set up and maintained by us. And we implement quickly. In fact, in just two days, you can start experiencing what our customers have seen: immediate increases in sales organization effectiveness!

Your Benefits

For sales managers

  • Complete visibility to all sales activity, in REAL TIME, from ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME
  • Access to reports that are automatically generated by the system...not manually created by salespeople
  • REAL TIME ALERTS for any records that you have set up for "watch"
  • The ability to collaborate with salespeople on individual projects simply by making your own notations in the record
  • No loss of critical data due to salesperson turnover
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive database on not just "hot prospects", but on all qualified suspects you have ever touched so that you can "own" markets by being there when the timing is right through a drip marketing campaign
  • Ability to easily enter leads into the database and then assign and/or reassign them
  • A mechanism for coaching salespeople
  • A tool for the development of a TEAM SALES ENVIRONMENT
  • A central repository for all opportunities in the pipeline, so that you can easily do forecasting, one of SalesInSync' core functionalities
  • The ability to filter the data views by rep, so that you may get a better idea of workload

For salespeople

  • Access to your data from anywhere, whenever you need it
  • A tremendous reduction in reporting requirements
  • REAL TIME ALERTS for any records that are acted upon by others
  • More simplified communication with sales management
  • Better support from your organization
  • Your leads may be entered into your database for you, remotely, as they come in
  • Your database may be maintained remotely, by support staff, and used for telephone follow-up, letter generation, and other routine tasks
  • A tool for easily forecasting your closes....and your compensation
  • No worry about data loss through hardware or software "crashes"
  • No software to install, configure, and maintain. Just use a web browser.