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Contact Management Software
Contact Management System

How It Works

Log In and Go!
Simply navigate to this site and log in on the home page. You are immediately taken to YOUR database and will see any bulletins posted for you (by managers or associates) before being placed into Record Search mode. There, records can be located based on a wide variety of criteria, allowing even complex searches.

Accessing Records
The access to records is hierarchical and dependent on your access needs. Normally, it models your sales organization. Each user has his own set of add, delete, modify, or download permissions. We set all this up for you. Your only responsibility is to use the system!

Entering Data is Easy
Data entry is simple and quick. All fields where a drop-down makes sense are designed as such, and you specify the items in the drop-down list, as well as names for several custom fields.

SalesInSync allows you to capture a variety of data on not just the contact, but the nature of the opportunity in terms of volume, timing and probability of close, as well as specific actions taken to close the deal and what is upcoming. When entering data, you have the choice of several pull-down values that you specify in order to make data entry easier and maintain its integrity. You also have multiple custom fields available and access to any number of custom web reports with just few mouse clicks.

Other functions allow you to:

  • "watch" opportunities and be notified in real time if there is action
  • post bulletins for others in the organization
  • quickly check the "radar screen" for top opportunities
  • check your follow-ups (to-do list) for any date range
  • search for records on several criteria
  • create a pipeline forecast
  • access a SIC (Standard Industry Classification) Finder, so that you may categorize the customer for marketing analysis and for database or drip marketing purposes

As a sales manager, in addition to all the salesperson functions, you may track activity by date range. All records with changes during the specified range will be listed for you to view at a mouse click, along with the identity of the salesperson "owning" the project. You can even generate a full set of Call Reports on demand. These tools enable a great reduction in field reporting requirements and reduces the large amount of process redundancy, caused by lack of appropriate tools, found in most sales organizations. The manager gets more comprehensive information whenever he needs it without the rep having to develop a separate report.

As a manager, you may also make notes on any of the records for your organization, providing "on-line coaching" and collaboration in order to get the deal closed.

You may also "filter" the list of records by territory so that you may get a picture of workload by rep.

Leads from sources of all types can be placed directly into the system by administrators or marketing/business development and assigned to reps, without individual phone calls, faxes, or e-mail.

Your Forecast reports can be broken down by geography or rep territory.

Check the Radar
The "Radar Screen", where you can check the status of top opportunities with a single mouse click!

Keep Track of Your Team's Calls
Call Reports for the entire organization can be generated with a push of a button.

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