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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a "contact manager?"
  2. How is your solution different from other similar Web-based services?
  3. Who uses SalesInSync (SiS)?
  4. How is SalesInSync customized?
  5. What is involved in getting set up?
  6. How is it priced?
  7. Does this make economic sense?
  8. I would rather make a one-time investment in stand-alone software and be done with it. Why shouldn't I?
  9. What if we currrently use a "contact manager?"
  10. How secure is our data?
  11. What if I have not outfitted all of our salespeople with notebooks yet?
  12. Can I access the data file itself?
  13. What software do I need to install?
  14. What equipment do I need?
  15. I want to put in a great deal of data from an existing system. Can I do this easily?
  16. How do I use the forecasting functions? Where does the data go for opportunity timings and sizings?
  17. I work with independent reps. How can I implement this with them?
  18. How is support handled?
  19. How do my people get trained on the use of the system?
  20. How do I get a demonstration?

Q) Is this a "contact manager?"
  No, at least not in the traditional sense. Typical stand-alone "contact managers" are tools for individuals. SalesInSync was specifically engineered as a tool for sales organizations that wish to greatly enhance their effectiveness, flexibility, and information flow, and do it in a simple fashion.

Q) How is your solution different from other web-based services of this type?
There are many important differences. Among them:

  • We are a hand-holding organization. People use us because we help them solve their problems. That allows them to focus on other things, like selling. We manage your data as required, including bulk changes for territory alignments, customizations, user additions,  etc.
  • We have several levels of customization and can support virtually any sales force needs. This includes such options as full specification and quotation functionality, or internal process support using SalesInSync as a front end! SalesInSync is designed for an optimal combination of functionality and simplicity.
  • The learning curve for reps is essentially nil. We understand the benefit of that. We designed our interface so that it is simple and unintimidating and basic functions can be done by least experienced people. But the functions for data management behind this simple interface are extremely powerful. A system has to be accepted and used otherwise it's worthless.
  • We work with you directly and personally to design the proper customization, permissions, and roll-out strategy. This is key to making your information program a success.
  • SalesInSync data viewing is heirarchical, and it all works behind the scenes. Access to information models your sales organization. And each user has his own set of viewing and modification options
  • We offer custom web-based reporting and data management functions based on the rich data repository you will now have. Complex functions and analyses can be performed with two mouse clicks.
  • You have access to the raw data whenever you need it, in a variety of formats
  • We can put together a business-building machine for our clients using our strategic partners. SiS, along with the proper processes and information gathering will allow you to "own" your market.

Q) Who uses SalesInSync?
A) Our clients range from the largest, worldwide manufacturers and service firms, to smaller companies serving a statewide area. Sales force sizes range from hundreds, to just a few!

Q) How is SalesInSync customized?
  Most core functionality needed by sales organizations is available "right out of the box", but we are flexible and recognize that many organizations need a bit more, and need room to grow . So engineered into SalesInSync is essentially four levels of customization:

  1. Custom (user-defined) Fields, that can be named and manipulated using a control panel that we provide. Any of them may be drop-down or free data entry. Most users take advantage of this feature.
  2. Custom Reports, accessible through the "Custom" button under Reports. This page will list links to custom functionality we write for you, so that you can do virtually anything with your database with a few clicks right on the web. This is a very popular option and we can fulfill most of these requests in a matter of days.
  3. "Drill-downs", where each base record holds extended data. This would allow additional fields or additional functionality. For example, one major U.S. manufacturer uses this functionality to generate and manage quotations on-line.
  4. A customized interface. If you like the concept but want something that is custom-designed for your company, we can do that.

Q) What is involved in getting set up?
It's very easy. There is a simple setup kit you need to fill out. You send it back to us, and you are up and running, normally within less that 48 hours.

Q) How is it priced?
Simply! Then, there is a reasonable fee for maintenance, based on the number of user accounts you need. That is billed quarterly. There is no contract, and the data is always yours. There is generally no cost to get started. Contact Us for Pricing! Tell us how many user accounts you will need and we will get back to you right away.

Q) Does this make economic sense?
Yes. For most companies, the  cost of unlimited annual service for their entire sales organization may be covered by a single additional sale. Also, consider the significant cost of lost opportunities, cumbersome reporting processes, and lost or mismanaged data and you should conclude that either SalesInSync or a similar system is an absolute necessity. In fact, this need, coupled with vision for the future is the reason why many companies are implementing enterprise sales systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you are planning on taking a more conservative approach, the cost of SalesInSync compares favorably to the implementation of "contact manager" systems. In fact, the cost of implementing and using SalesInSync is normally LOWER than that of stand-alone contact managers. Add to that the additional capability that SalesInSync gives you and it is the proverbial "no brainer."

Q) Why should I not just go out and buy software and make a one-time investment?
The short answer is because you can't!  There is no such thing as a "one-time investment". There is an ongoing cost to housing and securing data, and to manage data and extract data. There is continuing cost to maintain hardware, from notebooks to servers. There would be a continuing cost to set up software over and over again and people came in and out of the organization or hardware had to be swapped out. There is an ongoing cost to manipulate data as the organization changes and opportunity ownership changes along with it and data must be changed in bulk. There is an ongoing cost to manage access to data. There is an ongoing cost to across-the-board maintenance of field structures and options. And if you wish, to keep on top of the latest versions. Even if there were some people in house dedicated to all this, you would have additional costs due to turnover. We have never heard of an organization that was able to avoid even one of these costs.

The cost for SalesInSync is a small fraction of what it really costs an organization to do a "one time" purchase of software and own the associated responsibilites. As our customer, you are either off-loading the above items to us, or avoiding them altogether.

Q) What if we are currently using another contact manager or web-based CRM like SalesInSync?
No problem. We can assist with the import of your old information into SalesInSync. We make the transition painless!

Q) How secure is our data?
Nobody outside of your organization has access to the data. And you control who sees what within your company. We have taken great care in the design phase in order to assure that your database is secure from prying eyes both within and outside of your organization. We have a data sheet available which explains the measures we take to ensure that your data is safe.

Q) I have not outfitted my salespeople with their own notebooks yet.
If this is the case, then SalesInSync is the ONLY way you can implement a data handling system among your sales force! This way, they can use ANY available PC or Mac with web access. There is no software to buy or install.

Q) Can I access the database file itself?
Yes. Any salesperson can access their own data to import into a variety of systems. We also can, upon request, make a master file available for download so that you may use the data off-line for your own analysis or for marketing campaigns, etc.

Q) What software do I need to install?
Probably nothing. Virtually all computers these days already have at least one web browser installed.

Q) What equipment do I need?
To use the Web application, the backbone of SalesInSync, just a computer, either PC or Mac.

Q) I want to put a great deal existing data in after I set up with SalesInSync. How can I do this easily?
Of course you can put it in manually after setup. Optionally, we can merge virtually any data into your database for you either free of charge or sometimes with a small charge, so you will start with it when you open your SalesInSync site. 

Q) How do I use the forecasting functions? Where does the data go for sizings, timings, and probabilities?
  Each "base" record should represent a discrete sales opportunity that has its own values and timings associated with it. It is from this base record data that forecasts and other analyses are generated.

Q) I work with indpendent reps. How would this work?
  If you are working with independent reps, the most sensible, and in some cases, ONLY way to establish an information infrastracture is through an easy-to-use web-based system. This is because you have less control over the hardware and software used by independent people, and also less control over the people in order to get them trained and using a complex system. SiS is designed for this scenario! In addition, you can SalesInSync to feed the reps leads to encourage use of the system. You'll then start to get a handle on field activity with the detail you need. And the reps will never need to report!

Q) How is support handled?
We have an on-line support request, and everything is handled promptly by our support staff. Support and smooth system operation is of prime importance to us.

Q) How do my people get trained on the use of the system?
The system is extremely easy to use and most people can use it right away with very little or no training. If training is needed, it can be done in a conference call, because we simply need to go through the application with the salesperson once so he or she knows what the application can do. More extensive training on process and lead follow-up procedures is available through us or our partners.

Q) How do I get a demonstration?
Just use the Contact form and we'll take care of it!