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SalesInSync Options: Business Builders Program - The Market Ownership Path

While many customers use SalesInSync as a stand-alone system, people are increasingly interested in filling the pipeline with opportunities - real ones - not names from a list. On top of that, they need resources to hover over the database.

To fill this need and to assure a high ROI, AMG Teleran is partnered with Full Circle Management as well as other key information gathering firms to supply the Business Builders Program (BBP). This system is a turn-key process that we and our partners implement along with you that assures that you optimize your market share by handling the timing issues so critical in sales.

Using the BBP system, salespeople spend their time developing real sales opportunities and doing post-sale activity, the most valuable use of their time. They are not given a list of 100 potential companies and asked to make the 1000 telephone calls necessary to determine that only 10 have interest, ultimately closing two, while also being asked to keep on top of the 75 of the original hundred who met the profile but for whom the timing was not right. Although common, it almost never works! In fact, information on the 75 is almost never kept! But statistics show that the group that is qualified but not interested right now will yield 6- to 8-times the sales dollars over the long run.

Using the BBP and SalesInSync, initial information-gathering is handled by a third-party, and real information, separated appropriately by who is qualified, who isn't, and who is interested and isn't, along with timings and potentials are fed into your SalesInSync database. From there, you and your sales force manage the hottest opportunities, in a visible, collaborative manner. Other qualified suspects are contacted on an ongoing basis in a manner we develop with you. This key group, this 75% of your original list of 100 (or 750 of 1000!) is critical because these are the people that form the basis of your selling activity for months and years to come. And because you have SalesInSync and a MOP in place, we can manage those for you.

The cost of an initial BBP, to test the concept, is surprisingly low. If you have ever done one of the more passive techniques, such as running an advertisement, exhibiting at a trade show, or doing a mailing campaign, you could have implemented a Market Ownership Program (MOP) and would be guaranteed a return on your investment.

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