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Sales In Sync
Sales In Sync

A Little About Us

AMG Teleran is located in downtown Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Our principals are seasoned professionals with decades of high-level business experience. Even in the implementation of SalesInSync, we take a consultative approach, using our experience in sales, marketing, strategic development, and process improvement.

What Really Sets Us Apart

  • we are hands-on with our customers. While you can control much of your own customization, we work with you on the front end to leverage our experience and knowledge of best practices.
  • SalesInSync may be customized at four levels, from custom field definition all the way through extended capabilities such as on-line quotation generation
  • SalesInSync is modular. There is a base application, and we add as much custom functionality as you need to help manage your business
  • our pricing is extremely competitive
  • we are flexible in developing data handling protocols with our customers. Not only do you have access to a raw data file modeling your database, but also ways to move data into and out of your enterprise systems
  • we have valuable alliances with data providers and consultants that can really make your business fly
  • we never stop enhancing our offerings. We continually add features and functionality to SalesInSync and also add to our suite of complementary offerings such as the Business Builders market ownership program.

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